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The world is growing digital day by day. At Zaya Dryfruits, we make it easier for you to buy these tasty and nutritious dried fruits online. We, at Zaya Dryfruits , offer you over a 100+ products best- suited for leading an active lifestyle.

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ZAYA DRYFRUITS, leading the way in developing extraordinary products from quality ingredients, getting from diverse industries, has ability to respond to changing consumer needs and retain their competitive edge, locally and globally. Our expertise in this area is vast – from dry fruits, cakes, muffins and pastries to cookies, biscuits and baked snacks.

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About Zaya Dry Fruits

Zaya Dryfruits (Khari Bobli Wale). As old as Khari Baoli is, so are Zaya dry fruits. In Digital Era Zaya make is Easier for you to buy these tasty and nutritious dried fruits online. We, at Zaya Dryfruits , offer you over a 100+ products best- suited for leading an active lifestyle.

Zaya Dryfruits is in the process of bringing you healthy, pure food that could be a better alternative to unhealthy new generations. With customers and their health in mind, we are always trying and trying to do things to move forward, and recently introduced something new - in our stores, now we have introduced the idea of putting our dried fruit and nuts in the fridge. This, in turn, enhances the longevity of nuts and dried fruits, ensuring that all of their health and nutritional benefits are protected whenever you eat them. We have very good collection related to given bellow category:-

Dehydrated Fruits and Berries

We have a wide range of dehydrated fruits and berries. We have Quality products in bulk and retailer also. Here Online Grave is your Perfect product for you.

Coated Nuts

Zaya Dryfruits have very good quality of coated nuts Here you will get coted nuts at best price.


We have best quality of seed at best price online. Now con grave your product. Quality Product make you smile.


Masala of Zaya Dryfruits will add more tests to the recipe. So grave your Masale from with best price.


Online Best Quality Pulses (दालें) grave with us. We offer you the Best Pulses at the best price. Variety of products that have their own virtue.


Are You looking for Namkeens? Right Place you are in. Thank you We have a wide range of Namkeens for You. Test it then you realize that you have chosen the best one. Select your Product from the Namkeen section and test it.


We have pure organic Ayurveda products without any chemical reaction.Order Now !

Mouth Freshener

Buy Organic Mouth Freshener from Zaya Dryfruits. We have a wide range of mouth Freshener. Grave you mouth freshener at best price.


Dates are Popularly known as Khajoor in India. Are the fruits of a date palm tree. Buy Online this winter's best Dates (Khajoor) at the best price.


In This Section, you will get our new Launch product. Which you will get it on your demand. We are going to this section update soon.


Gifting Section is designed for you. So that you can order an online gift pack for your loved one. In the Gift section, you can choose a number of items you are for friends and for family also.

Executive Class

Order online Executive class product With best Quality of Dry Fruits. Here you can buy online best product.

Dry Fruits

Zaya Dry Fruits have a house of dry fruits with the best quality. You can order the best quality Dry Fruits Products order online. Zaya also provides it wholesale.

Other Products

Here you will get our best organic product which you can customize according to your test. Buy your Aam Papad Amla Candy PLAIN (REGULAR), Bhuna Chana, Almond Chocodip, STONE CHOCOLATE (SOFT), SUGAR, SOOJI, POHA (CHIDWA), GUD PLAIN (JAGGERY), MISHRI DHAGE WALI, BHUNA CHANA, BHUNA CHANA (WITHOUT SHELL), DRY GOLA (COCONUT), GOUND, GOUND KATIRA, Etc.

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